Saturday, April 18, 2015

Good Samaritan with Genealogical Tools Gets Front Page Newspaper Story

The San Francisco Chronicle today (18 Apr 2015) had a front page story about a woman's quest to locate the owners of a long lost medal.

Jill Caroll found the 108 year old medal in an antique suitcase that she bought, and with all of the instincts of a natural-born genealogist, she eventually tracked down the granddaughter of the original recipient of the medal, She used resources like the National Archives and the website Find A to locate the original owner and locate ancestors.

The story ends with:

"Carroll said she would have to find herself another hobby now. “Something will come up,” she said."

She has already shown that she can use the tools of the genealogist, and is fascinated by searching for missing relationships. I'd recommend that she devote herself to genealogy.