Thursday, May 28, 2015

Managing My Multiple Online Trees

I recently discussed some of the benefits of having an online family tree, and one of those was that they assisted in allowing the automated search features of online database companies such as, and  

In addition, there are several websites that are attempting to create a single family tree for all of humanity - the most popular free services being and

But what does one do if trying to maintain multiple trees? This is a dilemma that I really struggle with on a regular basis.  And the question is connected to one of those questions that I grapple with frequently - which offline genealogy software should I use?

I connect maintaining online trees with genealogy software because several sync with one of the online services.  Family Tree Maker syncs with, MyHeritage FamilyTreeBuilder obviously syncs with, RootsMagic 7 and Legacy 8 interact to some extent with So there is some synergy between the trees and the software.

Now, there is a complication for me. I am in a same sex relationship. can't handle that, because the Mormon Church does not acknowledge our legal relationship.  RootsMagic can handle our marriage but Legacy cannot.  Family Tree Maker and are OK except that they insist that each of us has a husband.  MyHeritage rocks this perfectly, but I find their online site cartoonish (not in a good way) and unpleasant to use.

However, the real problem ultimately is that I have multiple trees.  This dramatically increases the difficulty in eliminating errors and maintaining consistency. 

I need to get better organized.