Friday, June 5, 2015

Being Transgender and Doing Genetic Genealogy

One of the unfortunate consequences of my being transgender is that I have what appears to be a normal set of chromosomes for somebody of an apparent obvious sex.  To wit, I have an X and a Y chromosome. This is very anomalous, and can be the source of some confusion.

Because most women do not have this Y chromosome, some software and websites do not like that I say that I am female and have a Y chromosome in my tests. (If I recall correctly, won't let me link the Y results to my entry because I am female in their system.)

You see, many people administer tests for their relatives, and it is just assumed that I am administering tests for my brother or father.  It is hard to explain that the results are for me.

So, I pretty much have to out myself whenever I talk about this stuff to anybody, which is an unpleasant way to introduce a subject that I honestly don't really want to discuss with strangers without some specific purpose (such as this post, which explains part of my unique journey through genealogy).

Sometimes things are more confusing than one might initially expect.