Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I Need Another Bookcase

OK, I mentioned last week that I now had too many books to fit on the lone bookcase in my study, and I was trying to figure out what to do.

I decided to gather up all of the stray magazines, journals and books that were scattered about the home, and made some nice tidy piles (I make piles, it is what I do).

So here is the problem: I have more stuff than I realized. A lot more. I cannot just prune a few things off the existing bookcase. I need to remove an entire mini-collection.

Once upon a time, I would have just squeezed another bookcase in. However, there is no room. I have too many racks for DVDs (I have more DVDs than I know what to do with.)

I have 165 inches of bookshelf space, and 670 inches of DVD/Blu-Ray space. Yes, we have that much lovely video hanging around. Those racks take up almost every spare inch of wall-space.

I've looked. I really have. There is no obvious room for a bookcase.

Then I used all of my engineering, organizational, and creative skills, and I figured out how to rearrange the room to make some room for another bookcase.

OK, I won't be able to easily access it. It will be between the printer/office table and the window, jammed in alongside my desk here so that I can't really easily access it. But it will be there, holding books.

I can take all of the things I don't use much, and put them there. All of the decorative things that we want displayed in the house. And it will free up room for books.

Glorious books.

Time to go shopping.