Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Bookcase is a Godsend

So my wife Cynthia and I went to Ikea on Saturday and picked up a lovely Hemnes bookcase.  I assembled it, and over the past few days it has been filled up with stuff from my other bookcase and otherwise unsorted materials.

The process of making room for the bookcase led to a major relocation of materials from all over the spare bedroom that we call the study.  This has resulted in me finally organizing all sorts of materials, none of which are genealogical in nature, that have been resulting in clutter.  Much has been recycled, some things have been filed away, others have been gathered into organized piles awaiting processing.

It is actually liberating to have things less messy.  I think that my mind is less cluttered when my environment is better organized.

Now, I am a very busy person with lots of interests and who was raised to be a pack-rat.  It has been a real challenge for me to let go of a lot of things, especially anything unique, irreplaceable or potentially useful.  Combined with a certain type of perfectionism, it is often easier to just box up problems and avoid them rather than deal with all of the decisions connected with severing the emotional ties connected to "things."

Also, I haven't been spending as much time in the study as I would like. I had once hoped that Cynthia would join me (she has a comfy chair) and read, but she prefers to do that by the pool, in bed, or basically anywhere else in the world other than the study.  So we spend a lot of "us" time in the bedroom watching television or reading, and me working on my laptop in bed.

It is my hope that a clean and tidy study will be more enticing, as Cynthia is really averse to clutter.

But I still have to organize all of my genealogy materials.  This is LGBT Pride weekend here in the SF Bay area, and so it may be rough getting time to do it this weekend.  Still, over the next week and a half I should get things well settled into their proper places, and I hope that will lead to things being better than ever.

I might even get some genealogy done soon!