Friday, June 5, 2015

Ribbons and Badges

I guess that genealogists love putting ribbons on the bottom of their badges. 

Mine came with the three that I immediately attached to the bottom: SCGS (Southern California Genealogical Society), Blogger, and Social Media Champion (yay!). 

A board member of the California Genealogical Society gave me that one since I am a member, and I picked up one from ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy) since I am a member (although they may want to rescind it after my post from earlier today).

Now, you will also see that I picked them up from several of the vendors whose products I have used, including some that I was just angsting over.  I debated putting them on, because while I did pay for those products, I do wonder if advertisements on my badge for products that I own really is the best idea. Also, once I put on so many that they all fell off!

I should have included in the photo the blogger beads that I got from Thomas MacEntee so that people would oooo and ahhhh over us bloggers. Maybe I will post that later.