Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Social Part of Genealogical Societies

One of the best parts about any type of conference is socializing with people with similar interests. 

Strangely, although I am an extravert, I can be a little shy in these settings, I guess because I think that I am somehow different or weird or something.

Also, because I am a judge and cannot talk about lots of things publicly, I am a little skittish about general chatting with new people. 

Still, the joy of these events is meeting new people, and finding out that people I met before actually remember me.  

In any field there are people who are celebrities in their field, and there are some of those in genealogy as well. Some bloggers and lecturers are very popular amongst the rank and file, and it is fascinating how how star-struck I get by these folk. It is nice when they remember me back.

So the biggest surprise for me from Jamboree is how I have fallen back in with people and feel like I have a community here, especially from the California Genealogical Society (local to me) and some of the bloggers.