Sunday, July 5, 2015

Possible Kolakowski Family Mother Lode - An Acceptable Excuse for Some Quick Research?

So, as I mentioned this morning, I have been granted access to a tree on with tons of Kolakowski family in Poland, going back to the 1700s.

Per the rules of the Genealogy Do-Over, I should have stopped at that point, developed an action plan, and pursued this reasonably.

I just couldn't do it. I wanted to do a quick check verification of what I knew, and what I could find from this tree.

Now, according to this new tree, the family was from the small town of Kolaki Kwasy, which is near Ciechanow, the previously reported home of my great-grandfather Romuald "Roman" Kolakowski before he came to the U.S.

So I looked up the nearest Roman Catholic churches in the 18th century to that town by referring to an old reference I have on my computer, and looking at Google Maps (new Catholic dioceses were rare creatures back in those days).

I found that the nearest church was in Koziczyn, and a search online indicated that their local vital records were available digitally. I looked in 1883, and there it was - a record for a Romuald Kolakowski, son of Jozef Kolakowski and Anna Jablonowska, which matched with the names of his parents listed on his U.S. marriage license as his parents.

The record is handwritten in paragraph form in Russian, in cyrillic, and it could take me forever to plow through it. But this documentation ties my ggf to this online tree. I likely have found the remaining Kolakowski family in Poland.

I am going to end my brief diversion from my Do-Over and get back on track.