Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over (Cycle 3) - Weeks 8 and 9 - Conducting Collateral and Cluster Research, Conducting Collateral Research, and Organizing Research Materials – Documents and Photos

Rather than continue my cycle of a new entry at the end of the week, I am combining two weeks, Weeks 8 and 9 of the third cycle of the Genealogy Do-Over.  Let's think of this as a blog do-over.

Four Topics for Weeks 8 and 9


Conducting Collateral Research

Collateral research is research not on direct ancestors but rather their siblings and their descendants. This can be a very useful way of finding relevant information.

I need to come up with a research plan for these collateral lines.

Reviewing Offline Education Options

I usually review the offerings of conferences in either my vicinity or from specialty organizations such as Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA).

For now, that is all that intend to do with offline education.


Conducting Cluster Research 

I have been using this approach with my mother's maternal line, the Kowals.

The idea is that we can learn a lot about people by looking at their neighbors, friends, business associates, etc.

This can be helpful because immigration and migration often happened not just in families but in groups of people - someone knows someone who went first and brings others along.

The area where my maternal grandmother was born had many immigrants who came from the same area in south-east Poland.  There is a website that describes the immigrants from that region.  From that website I found that there was a village, Smerek, that had both Kowals and Hoszowskis.

As a result, I have focused my research in Poland for them in and around the village of Smerek.


Organizing Research Materials – Documents and Photos

This is where I am stuck right now, and it is a top priority. My materials are a mess.
There are two steps to this.
First, the documents need to be replaced in their folders and the folders filed.
Second, I have all of the photos as electronic files, which need to be put in folders and properly organized in the cloud.