Saturday, March 19, 2016


As I mentioned on Wednesday, the genetic genealogy community has been in a tizzy over the exchange of notices from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and, is a site that has tools to allow users to compare DNA results, and uploaded GEDCOM files, from users of the three major DNA testing companies,,, and FTDNA.

The commotion rose to a fervant pitch, with some threatening boycotts of FTDNA and others urging calm over what was coined "GEDMATCHAGEDDON."

This was heightened when announced that they might have to discontinue sharing matches with data submitted by FTDNA users.

This afternoon, the two organizations issued the following joint announcement:

Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch jointly announce that we are in serious conversations regarding issues that have resulted in GEDmatch discontinuing uploads of FTDNA data. Both companies recognize the importance of these talks to their customers and are committed to quickly resolve differences. We regret any inconvenience that may have been caused and assure our users that our primary focus and efforts are geared toward your benefit. 

Hopefully, this will put the whole matter to rest for a while.

Throughout this entire exchange, data uploaded from kits from the other two companies were only to be affected by the ability to compare to FTDNA users.

It is still important for all of us to remember that data privacy is an important issue to many people, and that we should respect the wishes of our family and friends who share this information with us.