Friday, March 4, 2016

Wrapping Up a Genealogy Road Trip

I have had the pleasure to take a vacation week mostly for genealogy.

I am in Boston, Massachusetts along with a group from the California Genealogical Society visiting the grand dame of American genealogy, the library of the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

(It really didn't look like that today - we had snow!)

The trip is an opportunity to focus on the family of my wife, Cynthia Laird, and particularly that of her mother, whose American roots go deep and long - lots of them were here before this was a country.

My own family has only minimal ties to New England. Thomas and Margaret Brady moved with their son James to Tiverton, Rhode Island and Fall River, Massachusetts around 1880 and were in New York by 1900.

I looked high and low for new records about the family here, but they remain remarkably evasive (they are part of the inspiration for this blog's title).

I expect nothing less from those crafty Bradys!

I've been very careful with Cynthia's family. It is fairly easy to trace her mother's roots back to the beginning of the 1800s, but I am skeptical of many things on the Interwebs about older New England families.

So I sat down for several hours this afternoon with the great genealogy expert, Gary Boyd Roberts, to discuss what I know of her family. Gary is the author of a number of genealogy books, including Ancestors of American Presidents, a copy of which he used in going over her pedigree (due to some linkages that I am going to investigate before spreading them around online).

My head is still spinning, and I am trying to decipher his frenzied notes before I lose all memory of what he told me.

I have one more day at the library, and then a one-day conference on Irish genealogy, before zipping back to California late on Sunday.

I hope to get back into the whole blogging thing. My new assignment at work has been keeping me working harder, and my prep work for coming out here took up most of my free time.

Excuses, excuses.