Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Absence Truly Can Make The Heart Grow Fonder

No, I am not referring to my absence from blogging, although I guess this applies to that as well.

Nor does it refer to the fact that I am sitting at Burbank Airport, thinking about how I am skipping Genealogy Jamboree again this year. Maybe next year.

I am referring instead to the past month or so when I have been acting president of the California Genealogical Society. Our illustrious leader, President Linda Okazaki, has been recovering from planned surgery, and I got to chair meetings and monitor some emails while she was gone.

CGS, like many genealogy organizations, is an all-volunteer organization. However, unlike most societies, we maintain a large and active private physical library with dozens of volunteers, with a very busy educational program (we have pretty much at least one Special Interest Group or class every week).

It takes a lot to run such an amazing group, and Linda has been unbelievable. She is, in essence, an unpaid executive director.

Linda is going to be back running meetings, etc. and I am very happy that she is recovering well and so dedicated.

So publicly, THANKS LINDA!

Geneabloggers Website Winding Down

Thomas MacEntee recently announced that he is essentially winding down his website. He will be phasing out various regular features, and then moving his new content to a to-be announced website that will be the landing page for his various online and offline endeavors.

He and I have been friends since before either of us got heavily into genealogy, and so I tend to follow his various endeavors fairly closely. 

I wish him the best of luck, and I will follow up with additional information as it becomes authoritative.