Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Absence Truly Can Make The Heart Grow Fonder

No, I am not referring to my absence from blogging, although I guess this applies to that as well.

Nor does it refer to the fact that I am sitting at Burbank Airport, thinking about how I am skipping Genealogy Jamboree again this year. Maybe next year.

I am referring instead to the past month or so when I have been acting president of the California Genealogical Society. Our illustrious leader, President Linda Okazaki, has been recovering from planned surgery, and I got to chair meetings and monitor some emails while she was gone.

CGS, like many genealogy organizations, is an all-volunteer organization. However, unlike most societies, we maintain a large and active private physical library with dozens of volunteers, with a very busy educational program (we have pretty much at least one Special Interest Group or class every week).

It takes a lot to run such an amazing group, and Linda has been unbelievable. She is, in essence, an unpaid executive director.

Linda is going to be back running meetings, etc. and I am very happy that she is recovering well and so dedicated.

So publicly, THANKS LINDA!