Friday, January 5, 2018

New Online Newspaper Archive Options - Bay Area Reporter - Oldest continuously operating LGBT newspaper in U.S.

Finding resources regarding LGBT people is often difficult. Families often distance themselves from LGBT members, and until very recently, newspapers and other sources spoke indirectly about people's sexual orientation and gender identity. Hence, LGBT people were either disowned, or their identities hidden in obituaries and other sources.

Some of the best sources for information about the LGBT community are archives of newspapers and other periodicals focused on LGBT people. And the oldest continuously published LGBT newspaper is San Francisco's Bay Area Reporter, which has been operating since 1971. 

I have previously noted that the BAR has a searchable obituary database, which is a treasure trove of information, particularly about men who died of AIDS and whose families hid their disease because they did not want to acknowledge their sexual orientation.

They anticipate completing the entire project by the end of the year.

These archival materials for pre-2005 issues will be available both on the Internet Archive and on the California Digital Newspaper Collection.  2005 and later issues can be found at the link above.