Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ancestry DNA changes National Origin Estimates, Makes Mine Worse (?)

So Ancestry DNA has updated its admixtures (DNA Origins - nationalities) today. And the results for me are mixed.

Let's start with what I know. Three of my four grandparents had parents from Eastern Europe. The remaining grandfather was descended from Irish folk. Any connections to areas outside of their nearby areas don't show up in any line, going back at least to 1850 and for some back to the 1700s.

So the previous breakdown of 79% Europe East and 17% Ireland and Scotland made sense if I inherited more of my maternal grandmother's DNA than my maternal grandfather's. It would be unusual at that level, but not so improbable that I would wonder about it.

Then today's estimates came in, with me at a whopping 87% Eastern Europe (74% Eastern Europe and Russia and 13% Baltic States). My Ireland and Scotland dropped 5%, with 1% going to Norway, probably due to some Viking blood on my Irish side.

This is really weird. This is at a level where one would expect that one of my Irish great-grandparents were really from Eastern Europe. 

Also, their new definition of Eastern Europe and Russia goes out to includes Kazakhstan and ends north of Mongolia.

I need to review this more carefully.

Here are the results:

Updated Estimate

Eastern Europe and Russia74%
Refined from:
Europe East 79%
Baltic States13%
Refined from:
Europe East 79%
Ireland and Scotland12%
Decreased by 5%
Norway NEW1%


Poland, Slovakia, Hungary & Romania
Eastern Hungary, Eastern Slovakia, Northwest Romania & Western Ukraine
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland & Lithuania
Lesser Poland
Ulster, Ireland

No Longer in Estimate 

 Great Britain 1%
 Finland/Northwest Russia 1%
 Asia South <1%
 Europe West <1%